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网上赌博网址:The mainstream brokerage investment strategy is different from the same direction of the research direction of this section

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内容摘要: There has been more and more discussion on the investment style of 2018 in recent days. After all, the "good start" of the beginn...

There has been more and more discussion on the investment style of 2018 in recent days. After all, the "good start" of the beginning of the year is more important than anything else. Running out of new year or outperforming may lead to a completely different mindset and investment for a whole year Strategy.

However, about the investment strategy of 2018, all major brokerages have given a wide range of views recently, there are many differences, the most obvious number is , Tianfeng Securities and Essence Securities, respectively Optimistic about the broader market stocks, stocks and the GEM.

So these three brokerage firms are pursuing their own point of view? Volcano Jun statistics found that CITIC Securities indeed more popular in the survey for large-cap companies, and the trend of the wind securities research also generally in line with the favor for the mid-cap stocks, but EMC's enthusiasm for the GEM research is still slightly less . In addition, from the perspective of market institutions as a whole, institutions still focused more on small and medium capitalization companies in their research in the past month, but they did not show any special enthusiasm for the GEM companies.

three brokers investment strategy "pinch frame" to

every year, including many institutions, including brokerage firms are beginning to have on next year's investment style to make a pre-judgment, which of course brokerage statements to the most popular. Volcano Jun found that many brokers have recently thrown a 2018 investment strategy, but the style is still quite obvious differences, the typical representative is as follows:

CITIC Securities: There will be no style to switch, do not think the small votes systematically outperform Big ticket opportunities

Tianfeng Securities: optimistic about the Phoenix midfielder Nirvana to the card, represented by the mid-cap stocks 500 cost-effective highlights

Essence Securities: Strategic optimistic about the GEM, the large market value stocks have risen in place

Three kinds of completely Different points of view also give their own sufficient reasons.

CITICS said the opportunities are still large. Most of the weight sectors (electronics / pharmaceuticals / basic chemicals / machinery) in the small cap / growth sector are already at the peak of the boom cycle while the leading sectors in the weight sector (Big Finance / Petrochemical Etc.) Recovery has just begun. In addition, the most reliable judgment style switching framework is interest rate and liquidity, but next year can not see the liquidity easing and driving interest rate continued downward factor. Based on the trend of the economy and the macro liquidity in various industries next year, we do not think there will be a change of style.

Firmly optimistic about the midday stocks Skywind Securities said that in 2017 due to the strong style of the market in the big stock, so everyone in the process of looking for performance certainty focused on the big stock market, into the 2018 stock although Performance growth may remain stable, but many of the stock price performance is no longer appropriate, investors looking for performance certainty will move to small and medium-sized stocks and proliferation. Stock plate will usher in the Phoenix Nirvana year, especially in the medium-sized card representatives in the more prominent 500 stock price.

And the GEM is taking over the broader market value of shares of Essence Securities believes that the future core opportunities in emerging technology industries, this year is not the leading white market capitalization stocks, this year it was extremely suppressed A-share market, it will have next year Davis double-click space. Therefore, the index level, the composition of the industry is actually the best emerging technology industries outstanding corporate gathering - GEM refers to , not those in the disk index. GEM is more ready to invest in the medium term, even in the short term is also very noteworthy.

Market Focus small market value

So the above three brokerage firms adhere to their own principles? Volcano Jun with the three nearly a month of research to test.

first is that the market value of the issue, according to East Fortune Choice data show that as of December 18, 3458 the two cities listed companies with a total market value in 1135 more than 10 billion yuan, accounting for 32.8%, while more than 500 Only 165 million, accounting for 4.77%.


( research institutions Source: Eastern Wealth Network)

CITIC Securities between November 15 - December 15 date, a total of 54 research (including repeats) companies, the total market value of 100 billion yuan to reach 29 , while the market capitalization of over 50 billion yuan also has nine, and with Wen's shares , UOB shares and Han's laser research highest frequency. Compared with Tianfeng Securities and Essence Securities, CITIC Securities, the largest 50000000000 market research firm is indeed the largest, which is more in line with the recognition of CITIC Securities on the market value of large stocks tend to.

Take a look at the days of wind securities, November 15 ~ December 15 period, a total of 53 surveyed (including duplication) companies, of which the total market value of less than 10 billion yuan reached 30, in line with the general in the plate However, only 7 of the 500 companies that belong to the CSI 500 are still at a gap to their preference for the mid-cap stocks of the CSI 500.

Lastly, from January 15 to December 15, a total of 62 companies (including duplicates) were surveyed by Essence Securities. Among 25 companies that are bullish on the GEM index, accounting for only 40% of the total, SME Board The company has reached 28, which is not good fit with the company judgments GEM whether it is worth attention in the long term or short term.

Then look at the institutions in the market, in the end which is more inclined to do?

Oriental wealth Choice Data show that from November 15 to December 15, a total of 438 listed companies in the two cities were investigated, of which a total of more than 100 billion yuan market value of a total of 187, accounting for nearly 43%, while more than 500 billion yuan There are 23, accounting for only 5%. In addition, 337 of the 438 companies are small and medium sized, accounting for nearly 77%, of which 147 are GEM companies, accounting for nearly 34%. In view of this, the market institutions generally focus on Small and medium market capitalization, but for gem companies also have no special enthusiasm. (Source: Volcano wealth)

Further reading

Academy of Social Sciences: 2018 stock market volatility continued Manniu

released today in Beijing 2018 in the range of 3200-3700 points "Economic Blue Book" is expected Overall In 2017, the "slow bull" market, which has a steady growth, will continue in 2018. The structural upgrade of consumption, the increase of environmental protection and the take-off of emerging industries will bring more structural opportunities. (Source: China News)

GEM 2018 Outlook: Individual stocks will be divided performance is the benchmark

Data show that the overall operating income growth rate of GEM continued to rise from the beginning of 2014 so far shocks, as of the third quarter of 2017, revenue year on year Growth rate reached 32.71%. However, the overall growth of net profit attributable to the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) has shown a large fluctuation. Its YOY ??growth reached 61.08% at the top of the stage in the first quarter of 2016, then rapidly declined to 6.33% of the semi- In the third quarter of 2017, it rose slightly to 7.57%. Revenue growth continued to improve, but the net profit growth has come down, indicating that the overall operating efficiency of the GEM is declining.

The main reason leading to the differentiation of individual stocks is the performance of listed companies. Since the macroeconomy in our country bottomed out in 2016, the economy stabilized and recovered, boosting investors' attention to the performance of listed companies, and the performance was good. Valuations with reasonable valuations showed relatively strong performance in 2017. Looking into the market outlook, the economic recovery momentum still exists, investors are also acknowledging the performance is also strengthened, with strong performance support stocks are expected to get out of the independent market.

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